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Greek Regional Telephone Codes (TABLE C')

This is the 3rd of the 3 tables, TABLE C'; it provides an alphabetical list of all Prefectures, followed by the Regions they have been divided into and the respective Regional Tele Code Number. One may remember the name of the prefecture and be uncertain of the name of the actual Region. You find the name of the Prefecture and, helped by the names of the limited number of the prefecture's regions, your chances to recollect the one relevant name are enhanced.

In case this information does not help you, please consult the one of the other 2 tables that will!

TABLE Α'  shows the Regional Code Numbers sorted in ascending order, with the Region they codify and the respective Prefectures. If you happen to know the Tele Code Number, finding the respective City or Region is a piece of cake!
TABLE B'  shows the regions in alphabetical order, followed by the Prefecture they belong to and the respective Regional number. If you know the old number, before the application of the new system, you dial the Regional Code number, add a zero, and then dial the old number.


Prefecture  Region Code
Aetoloakarnania Aetoliko 2632
Aetoloakarnania Agrinio 2641
Aetoloakarnania Amfilochia 2642
Aetoloakarnania Fyties 2646
Aetoloakarnania Mataranga 2635
Aetoloakarnania Messolonghi 2631
Aetoloakarnania Nafpaktos 2634
Aetoloakarnania Neo Chalkiopoulo 2647
Aetoloakarnania Thermo 2644
Aetoloakarnania Vonitsa 2643
Ahaia Akrata 2696
Ahaia Chalandritsa 2694
Ahaia Egio 2691
Ahaia Kalavryta 2692
Ahaia Kato Ahaia 2693
Ahaia Patras 261
Argolis Argos 2751
Argolis Kranidi 2754
Argolis Lygourio 2753
Argolis Nafplion 2752
Arkadia Astros 2755
Arkadia Kastri 2792
Arkadia Leonidio 2757
Arkadia Levidi 2796
Arkadia Megalopoli 2791
Arkadia Tripoli 291
Arkadia Tropea 2797
Arkadia Vytina 2795
Arta Arta 2681
Arta Vourgareli 2685
Attica Aegina 2297 
Attica Afidnes 2295 
Attica Agia Sotira  2293 
Attica Athens  21 
Attica Kythira  2736 
Attica Lagonissi  2291 
Attica Lavrio  2292 
Attica Markopoulo  2299 
Attica Megara  2296 
Attica Poros  2298 
Attica Rafina  2294 
Attica Vilia  2263 
Chania Chania 2821 
Chania Kandanos 2823 
Chania Kissamos 2822
Chania Kolimbari 2824 
Chania Vamos  2825 
Chios Chios  2271 
Chios Kardamyla  2272 
Chios Volissos  2274 
Cyclades Amorgos  2285 
Cyclades  Anafi  2286 
Cyclades  Andros  2282 
Cyclades  Donoussa  2285
Cyclades  Folegandros  2286 
Cyclades  Iraklia'  2285 
Cyclades  Kea  2288 
Cyclades  Kimolos  2287 
Cyclades  Koufonissia  2285 
Cyclades  Kythnos  2281 
Cyclades  Milos  2287 
Cyclades  Mykonos  2289 
Cyclades  Naxos  2285 
Cyclades  Paros 2284 
Cyclades  Schinoussa  2285 
Cyclades  Serifos  2281
Cyclades  Sifnos 2284
Cyclades  Sikinos  2286
Cyclades Syros 2281
Cyclades  Thira  2286 
Cyclades  Tinos  2283
Dodecanese Archangelos  2244 
Dodecanese Kalymnos  2243 
Dodecanese Karpathos  2245 
Dodecanese Kos  2242 
Dodecanese Leros 2247 
Dodecanese  Rhodes  2241 
Dodecanese  Salakos  2246 
Dodecanese  Tilos  2246
Drama Drama 2521
Drama Kato Nevrokopi 2523
Drama  Paranesti 2524
Drama  Prossotsani 2522
Evia Aedipsos Spa 2226
Evia  Aliveri 2223 
Evia  Chalkis 2221 
Evia  Eretria 2229 
Evia  Karystos 2224 
Evia  Kymi 2222 
Evia  Mandoudi 2227 
Evia  Psachna 2228 
Evros Alexandroupoli 2551
Evros  Didymoticho 2253
Evros  Feres 2555 
Evros Kyprinos 2556
Evros Orestiada 2552
Evros Soufli 2554
Evrytania Karpenissi 2237
Florina Amyndeo 2386
Florina Florina 2385
Fokida Amfissa 2265
Fokida Lidoriki 2266
Fthiotida Amfikleia 2234
Fthiotida Atalandi 2233
Fthiotida Domokos 2232
Fthiotida Kamena Vourla 2235
Fthiotida Lamia 2231
Fthiotida Makrakomi 2236
Fthiotida Stylida 2238
Grevena Grevena 2462
Halkidiki Arnea 2372
Halkidiki Ierissos 2377
Halkidiki Kassandria 2374
Halkidiki Nea Kallikratia 2399
Halkidiki Nea Moudania 2373
Halkidiki Nikiti 2375
Halkidiki Polygyros 2371
Halkidiki Stratoni 2676
Heraklion Agia Varvara 2894
Heraklion Ana Viannos 2895
Heraklion Arkalochori 2891
Heraklion Heraklion 281
Heraklion Chersonissos 2897
Heraklion Mire 2892
Heraklion Pirgos Crete 2893
Ilia Amaliada 2622
Ilia Ancient Olympia 2624
Ilia Andritsena 2626
Prefecture   Region   Code
Ilia Krestena 2625
Ilia Lehena 2623
Ilia Pyrgos 2621
Imathia Alexandria 2333
Imathia Naoussa 2332
Imathia Veria 2331
Ioannina Delvinaki 2657
Ioannina Ioannina 2651
Ioannina Kalentzi 2659
Ioannina Karyes 2653
Ioannina Konitsa 2655
Ioannina Perdika 2654
Ioannina Tambouria 2656
Ioannina Zitsa 2658
Karditsa Karditsa 2441
Karditsa Mouzaki 2445
Karditsa Palamas 2444
Karditsa Sofades 2443
Kastoria Kastoria 2467
Kavala Chryssoupoli 2591
Kavala Eleftheroupoli 2592
Kavala Kavala 251
Kavala Limenari 2593
Kavala Nea Peramos 2594
Kefalonia Argostoli 2671
Kefalonia Sami 2674
Kerkyra Kerkyra (Corfu) 2661
Kerkyra Lefkimi 2662
Kerkyra Scripero  2663
Kilkis Kilikis 2341
Kilkis Polykastro 2343
Korinthia Corinth 2741
Korinthia Kaliani 2747
Korinthia Kiato 2742
Korinthia Loutraki 2744
Korinthia Nemea 2746
Korinthia Xylokastro 2743
Kozani Kozani 2461
Kozani Neapoli Kozanis 2468
Kozani Ptolemaϊda 2463
Kozani Servia 2464
Kozani Siatista 2465
Lakonia Gythio 2733
Lakonia Molaϊ 2732
Lakonia Neapoli Lakonias 2734
Lakonia Skala 2735
Lakonia Sparta 2731
Larissa Agia 2494
Larissa Elassona 2493
Larissa Farsala 2491
Larissa Larissa 241
Larissa Makrychori 2495
Lassithi Tyrnavos 2492
Lassithi Agios Nikolaos 2841
Lassithi Ierapetra 2842
Lassithi Sitia 2843 
Lassithi Tzermiades 2844
Lefkada Lefkada 2645
Lesvos Agiassos 2252
Lesvos Kalloni 2253
Lesvos Myrina 2254
Lesvos Mytilini 2251
Magnesia Almiros 2422
Magnesia Kala Nera 2423
Magnesia Skiathos 2427
Magnesia Skopelos 2424
Magnesia Velestino 2425
Magnesia Volos 2421
Messinia Zagora 2426
Messinia Gargaliani 2763
Messinia Kalamata 2721
Messinia Kopanaki 2765
Messinia Koroni 2725
Messinia Kyparissia 2761
Messinia Meligalas 2724
Messinia Messini 2722
Messinia Pylos 2723
Pella Aridea 2384
Pella Edessa 2381
Pella Gianitsa 2382
Pieria Aiginio 2353
Pieria Katerini 2351
Pieria Plaka 2352
Preveza Filippiada 2683
Preveza Kanalaki 2684
Preveza Preveza 2682
Rethymno Amari 2833
Rethymno Perama 2834
Rethymno Rethymno 2831
Rethymno Spili 2832
Rhodope Iasmos 2534
Rhodope Komotini 2531
Rhodope Nea Kallisti 2535
Rhodope Sapes 2532
Rhodope Xylagani 2533
Samos Agios Kyrikos 2275
Samos Samos 2273
Serres Ira'klia 2325
Serres Nea Zichni 2324
Serres Nigrita 2322
Serres Rhodopoli 2327
Serres Serres 2321
Serres Sidirokastro 2323
Thesprotia Filiates 2664
Thesprotia Igoumenitsa 2665
Thesprotia Paramythia 2666
Thessaloniki Asprovalta 2397
Thessaloniki Chalkidona 2391
Thessaloniki Langadas 2394
Thessaloniki Langadikia 2393
Thessaloniki Perea 2392
Thessaloniki Sohos 2395
Thessaloniki Thessaloniki 231
Thessaloniki Vassilika 2396
Trikala Farkadona 2433
Trikala Kalambaka 2432
Trikala Pyli 2434
Trikala Trikala 2431
Viotia Distomo 2267
Viotia Domvrena 2264
Viotia Haliartos 2268
Viotia Livadia 2261
Viotia Thiva 2262
Xanthi Echinos 2544
Xanthi Stavroupoli 2542
Xanthi Xanthi 2541
Zakynthos Zakynthos 2695

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