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Welcome to Mykonos, the island of incredible light, with its myriad of beaches made of sand, stone, raucous and quiet.  Explore the labyrinth of tiny lanes amid whitewashed houses, its chapels and churches here, there and everywhere.  Bask in its chic ambience amid simplicity, play on its beaches and in its bars and clubs but mostly, enjoy its tolerance, freedom and individuality!

Welcome to Mykonos, the most cosmopolitan destination Read More ...


Welcome to Santorini, a uniquely impressive volcanic island offering breathtaking views of the Caldera, the most magnificent Aegean sunsets, houses built atop one another along the cliffs and fascinating cave houses.

Visit the villages of Fira, Oia, and Imerovigli, all facing the volcanic islands of Mikri and Megali Kammeni, the sunset and the sea.

Visit the wineries, walk the footpath of Ancient Thira, don’t miss the Read More ...


Welcome to Athens, where the Old meets the New in a unique melange.

The historical city “par excellence”.

The City where Democracy was born.

The Capital of Greece, the gateway connecting East and West, the city of

The Acropolis and the Parthenon, Culture, Philosophers, Tragedies and Comedies,

Philosophy and Sciences, Ancient theatres, sun and sea, outdoor cafés in the Old

and the New City. Read More ...


Welcome to Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands. The native land of Zorba the Greek, of El Greco, Kazantzakis and Mikis Theodorakis.

Minoan Kings and their sentry Talos, Daedalus and Icarus, the Minotaur and the Labyrinth, the frescoes in prehistoric palace in Knossos and Faistos.

The caves of Matala beach, part of hippy history of the 70’s, the frantic folk dances led by the tunes of the Cretan Lyra and dancers wearing Read More ...


If you're looking for mass tourism, crowded beaches and clubs with loud music, then this destination is not for you.

Tinos is an island for those who appreciate the old ways and lifestyle of the islanders, the authentic picturesque villages that one hopes to find on a Greek island, and the simple Greek cuisine that Greece itself is famous for. Here on Tinos, it's back to basics.

Welcome to Tinos of the artists, nature, of the Read More ...

Rest Of Greece

Fabulous destinations, great food, sunshine and beaches, and a culture as old as the gods themselves, this is what a Greece is all about!


More Destinations? Where to begin from?

More Islands?

Rhodes, Cos, Corfu, Paros, Naxos, Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Lefkas, but also smaller ones, like Folegandros, Milos, Astypalaia or Kastellorizo.


Delphi, Meteora, Vergina, Olympos, Thermopylae Read More ...