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Nike - 15 days / 14 nights
Tinos (7 nights) - Mykonos (7 nights)
Athens, Tinos & Mykonos

Tinos and Mykonos offer the best two-center holidays. Beauty and charm of Tinos, combined with the cosmopolitan Mykonian atmosphere.
The combination of Tinos and Mykonos offers one of the best two-center holidays. You have the beauty and charm of Tinos, with the strong Greek ethnicity of the island, combined with and contrasted by the cosmopolitan atmosphere and chic nightlife represented by Mykonos.
Both islands offer outstanding beaches and wonderful architecture; and, while Tinos certainly has more than enough nightlife and shopping, there is no doubt that Mykonos is the destination in the Cyclades for night time excitement and boutique designer shops. Though the two islands are so close in proximity (separated by only a 6 km-wide strait), they couldn’t be more different, which makes the combination of the two all the more interesting!

Day 1: Athens International Airport, Tinos (Island)

Arrival at Athens International Airport. Our representative will transfer you to the Port of Rafina for your ferry or highspeed departure to Tinos. On arrival at Tinos, our representative will transfer you to your accommodation. The rest of the evening is free to explore and acquaint yourself with the local tavernas in your area. Overnight Tinos.

Day 2: Tinos (Island)

Your first full day to explore the richness of the island of Tinos. If you've pre-booked a car, you'll be picked up by our representative and will be off to an early start. We suggest you start your journey with the most distant of the villages, Pirgos. The largest village on Tinos and home to many of the marble sculptors of the island. Take time to visit the new Museum of Marble Crafts, where you'll have the opportunity to see the process of mining and sculpting, from start to finish. Nearby is the small fishing port of Panormos, which is a good spot to stop for lunch and a swim. Not only does the drive to and from Pirgos offer dramatic views of the sea, but you'll have an opportunity to see the first of the famous Tinos dovecotes. Overnight Tinos.

Day 3 - 7: Tinos (Island)

You’ve plenty of time ahead of you to enjoy the very best of Tinos, with its fifty or so villages, extraordinary dovecotes, and outstanding variety of beaches. Tinos is a treasure of art and artistry, and there are always art exhibits planned for July, August, and September. There are plenty of walking trails throughout the island, but the best way to get to know Tinos is by car. During your time on the island, there are a multitude of activities to keep you busy, including perhaps a climb to the top of the ancient mountain capital of Exobourgo, or a morning spent in Pirgos Village wandering the marble workshops and the new Museum of Marble Crafts, with an afternoon lunch at the tiny port of Panormos. You can spend days exploring remote beaches and the outstanding countryside, with lunch at the seaside or in a mountain village. 5 overnights Tinos.

Day 8: Tinos (Island), Mykonos (Island)

After breakfast, our representative will transfer you to the port of Tinos for your ferry to Mykonos. Upon arrival at Mykonos, our representative will meet you and transfer you to your accommodation. The whole day is free to explore our surroundings and acquaint yourself with the maze of Mykonos alleyways, or to have your first Mykonos swim. Overnight Mykonos.

Day 9 -13: Mykonos (Island)

You’ve plenty of time ahead of you to enjoy the very best of Mykonos, well known for its outstanding beaches, riotous nightlife, chic designer shops, and posh hotels. On Mykonos, anything goes, and while its reputation is a tiny bit outrageous, there are always lots of hidden, undiscovered spots for relaxation and quiet. From Mykonos, there are daily excursions to nearby Delos, offering the best opportunity in the Cyclades for touring and discovering this outstanding open-air archaeological site. There are several interesting museums to visit in Mykonos Town, including the excellent nautical museum, plus a host of art galleries.  5 overnights Mykonos.

Day 14: Mykonos (Island)

Your last full day on the island and a good chance to catch up on your gift shopping, or to explore a new area that you've been meaning to get to, but just didn't have the time. If you've delayed a visit to Delos, or just weren't sure that it was your cup of tea, then now is the time to do it. Overnight Mykonos.

Day 15: Mykonos (Island), Athens International Airport

After breakfast, our Mykonos representative will transfer you to the airport for your domestic flight back to the mainland, in time to connect to your return flight home.


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