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Yacht Charter Services

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Charter a boat and sail or cruise the Greek Islands. Travel into the vividness of their colors by choosing a reliable and experienced guide, Windmills Travel.

Whether sailing or motor cruising, exploring the Greek Islands with your own craft is the ultimate experience for lovers of the sea!

Whether sailing or motor cruising, exploring the Greek Islands with your own craftYour yacht is your floating hotel, and you get to choose your ports of call Our tailor-made yachting holidays allow you to craft a spectacular itinerary, with your choice of island destination.Whether sailing the Ionion Sea, with Corfu as your backdrop, or sailing around the magical Cycladic islands with Mykonos and Santorini at your doorstep, or to the islands of the Dodecanese, with Rhodes in the spotlight, this will be the experience of a lifetime.

Sailing Yachts offer a more relaxed and serene atmosphere, without any compromise in comfort and performance. All the brand-new models from the most known yacht manufacturers (Bavaria, Sun Odyssey, Oceanis, Jeanneau, etc.) are available.

Motor Yachts cruise to your destination in style and comfort. Motor yachts combine speed and luxury with a modern sophisticated design.

Motor Sailers, combining wind and sail with the power of a motor, blend the traditional and the modern by achieving a balance between the sophistication and speed of a motor yacht and the relaxed experience of a sailing yacht.

All of our craft are modern, recently built boats, operated to the highest standard with safety and comfort foremost. They are lovingly maintained and fully equipped. Sailing boats can accommodate from 6 to 13 persons, depending on model.Our selection of motor yachts can carry as few as you and your immediate family and up to more than 100 persons. In fact, our larger craft are an ideal holiday charter for your club or special group, or as a floating classroom for university students. We can even provide an experienced guide to travel with you, making all of your ports of call even more interesting.

Start your sailing experience from Athens, Capital of Greece, and explore the Aegean Sea. Sail to Mykonos (one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the world),  Santorini, or Rhodes, and have an unforgettable vacation. If you are not an experienced skipper, or you are not familiar with the strong winds that prevail in the Cyclades, then sail to the Ionian Sea. Pick up your boat from our base in Corfu and visit Lefkada, Paxi islands and Kephalonia, or plan to come to the Cyclades when there is no wind (early June or late September usually). Or, sit back and relax while our experienced captain and crew navigate through the crystal blue waters of the Aegean.

Let us know your requirements, tell us when you'd like to sail, and give us an idea of the islands you've dreamed of visiting ... let's get started on making those dreams come true!

Notes :


Greece Private Tours

Feel like a star.

Travel like a star.


Windmills Travel VIP Tours: Where YOU are the star!

We can do all the private tours listed in the private tours section for you, but we can also provide you with Special Requests or Dreams you may have. Take the journey you deserve. The luxury you deserve.

Limo services, Helicopters and Private Jets, Motor yachts and Sailing Luxury boats.

VIP tours: The best under the Greek Sun.


Indicate the choice you desire. Simply tell us your Destination and then...sit back and Relax. Our professionally experienced Travel Consultants will prepare a full Itinerary for you. The itinerary will be changed until it is made to your total satisfaction. Whether you want a Limo or a deluxe car or a deluxe jeep to travel in the mainland or you want to go from A to B quickly you will be offered a Helicopter or a Jet both private and Deluxe. Some of our Helis and Jets have two pilots and two engines for your safety. If you are a sea lover our special Motor boats and Sailing yachts are waiting for you. With experienced licensed captains and crew are ready to discover the Greek Sea. Whatever itinerary is chosen, it will be fully escorted throughout your trip. Our experienced guides will guide you to all the Archaeological sites.

There are many ways to see the culture, the history, the archaeological sites, the mythology, the ancient Greek sculptures together with the magnificent landscape and the mystery of this beautiful country. They are fully described throughout this site.

In this section we like to stay on Private Tours. No crowds and tailor made to your needs and desires. With a car or a minivan or a van or even a small bus we can guide you around just as you wish.

Private sightseeing, Private Island Hopping, Private Excursions, Private driving, Private Guiding, Private walking tours, Private Cooking Tours, Private wine Tasting Tours, Private Spa tours, Private trips following the steps of St. Paul, Private boat or yacht short trips. Private car rides in Peloponnese, from Monemvasia to Sparta, from Sparta to Mystras, from Mystras to Kalamata, from Kalamata to Tripolis and then to Pyrgos where Ancient Olympia is waiting for you to visit, from Ancient Olympia to Nafplion and the famous Castle of Palamidi, to Argos and to Mycenae, then to the Epidaurus Theater and the Sanctuary of Asclepius; then continuing to Ancient Corinth and to The Channel of Isthmos of Corinth, to Loutraki with the famous therapeutical water springs. Private Sightseeing of Theves and then to Delphi believed to be the navel of the earth. Private Tours with Professional Guides that whisper to your ear all these years of culture and civilization, that take you to Meteora with the astonishing rocks that host more than a thousand years old Monasteries, private talks with the monks and stopping for dinners with the locals. Tasting the Mediterranean Cuisine full of Health and pure organic products while you drink local wine or raki. Private visits to Vergina and Amphipolis, boat ride around Mount Athos and the breathtaking feelings of the unknown. Excursions with your private driver and your private guide to Mount Olympus, where the 12 Gods and Goddesses chose to live.

Let us take you to some of the 1500 islands (some of them being Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Lesvos, Patmos, Tinos, Amorgos and Antiparos) and let us privately guide you to Knossos and the palaces, to the Medieval castles, to the volcano island with the breathtaking views, to Delos, the sacred island-birthplace of Apollo, to the baths of Sappho.

We have not said anything about the two major cities of Greece: Athens and Thessaloniki or Salonica. Besides the Acropolis and the Agora there are plenty of sites that need to be seen. The Olympic Stadion and the Parliament being in the center of Athens make you wanting to stay there. Museums in both cities and different sites are all explained and visited with our Private Tours. Top of the top, the Acropolis New Museum and the National Archaeological Museum, among the five best museums worldwide.

Let us show you step by step to the Beauty of this Country.

Where the East meets the West. Where Homer wrote his epic adventures. Where Philosophy, Science and Arts were born but also where Maria Callas, Nana Mouschouri, Seferis, Kazantzakis, Elytis, Melina Merkouri, Tsarouchis, Mikis Theodorakis and Ritsos were born, lived and created their master-pieces..

The Private Tours will make you feel that your trip turns out to be a plunge into the past, it is a dive to the roots of Humanity. Let us show you the secrets that are well hidden for centuries.

Of course you cannot do it all in one year’s vacation. Greece wants you back, again and again.

We have pre-designed some vacation package tour itineraries specifically for our clients who would like to have their visit to Greece totally escorted/guided by a member of our staff. Still, we can tailor-make any program for you. Greece is full of Sites and full of History and Culture. Having a professional licensed guide with you in a Private tour will make a lot of difference. Touring but, at the same time, knowing and appreciating every archaeological site and every monument. Besides those, the person who is guiding you is explaining you the rich Greek Traditions and the customs of Greece. You will also be shown our special dishes and all the Greek specialties, such as moussaka, and taramosalata and spinach pies and of course you will be tasting wines from wineries spread all over the islands and the mainland.

This is ideal for both individuals and groups who want personal attention and appreciate an in-depth look at each given destination.

With all tours in this section, you will be escorted from the moment you arrive in Greece until the moment of your departure. The destinations and activities included are very eclectic; you will find a wide diversity of interests and sights, some focusing on Classical Greece, history, archaeology or religion, and others of a more general nature.

If you don't find a package that is exactly what you need and have in mind (both in terms of length and of destinations included), then choose the one(s) that are closest to your wishes and contact us by email. The package that you will have chosen will form the basis of our email correspondence. Any change and alteration is possible, and our aim is always to best fit your needs!



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Yacht Charter Services
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